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We Exist to Protect YOU

From the smallest pesky annoyance to life altering injury, we have what you need to protect yourself in your sport.

From years of experience we understand that professional and amateur athletes need to feel confident to perform at their best. We aim to take those insecurities away so you can focus on being your best and enjoying your sport.

Our 100% custom, hand made, carbon fiber knee brace is a step above the rest. It is used by hockey players, skiiers, motocross riders, mountain bikers, football players, kite surfers and other water sport athletes.

Everything is MADE IN GERMANY with the highest quality and design.

Join the Pro Sport family and let us PROTECT YOU!

For Team Orders and all other questions or concerns please contact us at prosportprotection@gmail.com

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BEST PIECE OF EQUIPMENT IN MY BAG!!!! I had to quit hockey for 15yrs because of my groin. A friend told me about the Ortema power shorts. After wearing them once for a game, my groin immediately felt stronger and better supported. Thankfully, after a year of wearing these shorts, I am still on the ice once and sometimes twice a week with no concerns.
Can't thank you enough Dave.


Thank you to Pro Sport Protection on helping with my lace bite problem. Truly a life saver. Because of your product I can get to playing the sport I love and continue skating at my full potential without any pain. Truly appreciated and
Thank you again!!
To all other customers that order from this place for whatever they need they have all amazing products to help us all out with whatever we need to get back to playing what we all love to play!

Frankie Armenio

We are sponsoring the Alberta Ski Team

Our mission is to protect as many athletes as possible from injury that could potentially take them away from the sport they love. 

Therefore, we are happy to have teamed up with The Alberta Alpine Association to protect the 6 highly competitive members of the Alberta Ski Team. 

They are using our Ortho-Max Light, Ortho-Max Dynamic, Race Pro Arm Guards, and the new Evo series lower and upper arm protectors that will also be available soon. 

Find us on Instagram and Facebook (@Pro_Sport_Protection) to see how these talented athletes make out this season, as well as many of our other exciting Ortema athletes.