Pro Sport Protection

Individually adjustable and tailored to fit in every situation. The technical structure of the Lumbo-X was designed with sports orthopedic considerations.

Made from a breathable mesh material, the Lumbo-X has up to 80% better moisture exchange than traditional materials. The integrated stabilizing straps are individually adjustable and ensure a perfect fit and good grip in every situation. The new Ortho-Tech protection system has been developed for shock absorption with external force and protection of the lumbar spine (lumbar area).

The link chain follows the movement of the body forward, but prevents over stretching of the spine. So maximum freedom of movement is combined with high protection.

This low version of the Lumbo-X is 16 cm/ 6.3 inches in height. 

Made In Germany 

Sizing Chart


Waist Circumference


up to 73 cm 


up to 83 cm


up to 93 cm


up to 103 cm


up to 118 cm


118 cm and larger