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K-com Custom Knee Brace


This totally custom brace is the best fitting brace on the market. Extremely light and strong.

  • made with a combination of Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass to ensure strength and stability while allowing for slight movement with muscle expansion.  
  • 1.5 mm thick
  • polycentric joints made of titanium- designed to meet biomechanical criteria. flat, light and extremely stable
  • flexion and extension limitation- extension adjustable from 0-40 degrees. flexion adjustable from 0-90 degrees
  • Counter-rotating Velcro strap- enables the K-COM a non-slipping fit without adding to unnecessary thickness
  • 100% customization and anatomical fit creates a comfortable fit without slippage
  • Optional ergonomic knee guard for motocross and mountain biking

Injuries used for:

ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL,  Meniscus injury, Complex knee instabilities, Cartilage damage and arthritis and issues regarding genu valgus and genu varus.

Winner of the TUV award, the German equivalent of the MOT test, by the base institute for biomechanics at TUV Munich. The K-COM ranked first amoung 14 of the most commonly used knee braces in the world. 

4 Steps for K-COM service

  1. Message us at with information about your injury. Doctors reports are helpful.
  2. CASTING. A plaster cast of the injured leg is needed. This is done by us at your convenience
  3. PRODUCTION. We create a 100% cast model of your leg and design the K-COM based on your injury.
  4. FITTING. We have you try the finished brace while sitting, jumping, running and bending to make sure the fit is perfect. Further adjustments can be done to ensure the fit is perfect.