Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve - Front
Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve - Front
Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve Storage Box
Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve Storage Box

X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve- Front

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High quality thin elastic sleeve with integrated rectangle shaped gel pad. Reduces pressures and rubbing on the front of the foot caused by hockey and figure skates.

One size fits all

Fits right and left feet


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Barney S.
X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve- Front

My son is playing Jr. B this year for the first time, so they have been on the ice 3 to 4 times a week for the past 4 weeks. I’m thinking this was the reason for the lace bite… these socks have been awesome for him, he no longer has lace bite but still wears them so it won’t come back…Cheers

Kelly G.
United States United States
Great product for lace bite

This product has worked well for my horrible lace bite. This no longer hurts when I am in my skates for up to 10 hours a day officiating.

Christian K.
United States United States
Great product

Great product, i wouldn’t be on the ice if it weren’t for these. My only complaint is that for me, the gel padding could be a little wider and a little thicker. These changes would make it a flawless product in my mind.

Dmitry K.
Italy Italy
X-Foot front

I soffer the lace bite caused by the third/fourth last sleeves (counting from the bottom) and this product decreased by 80/90% the force of the bite and so far skating has become much more enjoyable. The sock itself is really soft and suits the foot properly even if you can feel the "edge" of the sock around the mid part of the foot, but it hasn't been a problem so far. I suggest to make a version with both front and lateral protection just to have a relief then you lean a lot the skates left and right. I'd like to see the difference between this version and the other front version to have a better comparison. Great product at a reasonable price! A must have for everyone who feels discomfort and want to protect his feet.