Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve - Front/Back
Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve Storage Box
Ortema X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve Storage Box

X-Foot Lace Bite Sleeve- Front/Back

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High quality thin elastic sleeve with integrated front rectangle shaped gel pad and an Achilles heel pad together. Reduces pressures on the front and the back of the foot caused by hockey and figure skates

One size fits all

Fits both right and left feet


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Daren P.
United Kingdom
Very impressed

I was suffering from lace bite in my inline hockey skates, to try and lessen it I did not tighten the laces, so did not lock in my heels. Whilst I did lessen the lace bite the minute amount of movement in the heal over three hours rubbed the bejezzers out of my heal. Which then for some reason then became an ongoing issue and started to rub my heel, even after leaving it for two weeks before putting on the skates again, so the area could heal. No more the X foot lace bite front and back, have solved both issues. They are much better quality than the brown/beige types available on Amazon and eBay, which I had tried but could still feel some lace bite. They are better manufactured than the cheap brown/beige types on Amazon and eBay, so I expect them to last a lot longer. If you have bake fitted skates (as mine are) bear this in mind, as you will need to leave you skates a little looser than usual at the start of use and tighten them once the skate get hot inside. I did them up tight and within ten minutes I was uncomfortable, so I loosened the laces and then gradually put more tension in to the laces, adjusting them ever 30 minutes or so.